Content Authoring And Development


Subject matter expertise (SME) identification and management

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Supplements and Ancillaries Authoring

Crafting extensive supplementary materials, such as test banks, instructor manuals, power point presentations and transition guides, to enrich educational experiences and accommodate diverse learning preferences effectively.


Tech Checking

This involves ensuring the accuracy of content for Test Generators and Narratives, evaluating learning objectives to make sure they are appropriately positioned and relevant, and confirming the precision, relevance of facts, names, dates, examples, and references in the text. It also ensures consistency in numbering style and proper usage of style, as well as maintaining uniformity in spelling and terminology.


Assessment Authoring

Assessment authoring involves the creation of diverse evaluation tools, such as quizzes, tests, and exams, tailored to measure specific learning objectives and outcomes. It ensures the effectiveness and accuracy of evaluations, providing valuable insights into student comprehension and progress.


PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentation creation process involves structuring content logically, selecting appropriate visuals, and incorporating engaging elements like animations or transition. A well-crafted PowerPoint presentation serves as a powerful tool for delivering presentations, training sessions, or pitches with clarity and impact.


Case Study Writing

Case study writing involves examining real-life situations or scenarios to illustrate specific concepts, theories, or practices within a particular field or industry. Throughout the case study, writers must demonstrate strong problem-solving and analytical skills by thoroughly examining the issues, considering various perspectives, and developing well-supported solutions. Additionally, clear writing, logical structure, and effective communication are essential for conveying complex ideas and insights to the reader.


Training Modules

Creating thorough training modules that equip educators with the necessary knowledge and tools to thrive in their positions, thereby facilitating impactful professional growth.


Curriculum Development

Crafting tailored curricula that adhere to educational standards and cater to the distinct requirements of learners, establishing the groundwork for lifelong learning and achievement.


Alt-text Authoring and Accessibility

We specialize in creating Alt-text and enhancing accessibility, fostering an inclusive digital environment for diverse audiences.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) review

Our thorough approach to content creation and evaluation guarantees inclusivity and accessibility for all learners, in accordance with WCAG and client specifications.


Content Accuracy

We spare no effort in ensuring the accuracy and uniqueness of our content, employing stringent plagiarism checks, fact verification, and thorough citation and reference confirmation. Trustworthy information forms the cornerstone of effective learning.


Content Project Management

We enlist seasoned project management professionals to ensure your projects not only meet but surpass your financial, scheduling, and quality objectives. Adhering closely to your guidelines and specifications, we customize our services to precisely match your needs.