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01.Content Authoring And Development

Subject matter expertise (SME) identification and management

We aim to enhance the quality, accuracy, and relevance of content by leveraging the expertise of individuals who possess specialized knowledge in relevant subject areas. It involves systematically identifying experts who can provide valuable insights, information, or guidance related to specific topics or subject areas. 

Supplements and Ancillaries Authoring

Crafting extensive supplementary materials, such as test banks, instructor manuals, power point presentations and transition guides, to enrich educational experiences and accommodate diverse learning preferences effectively. 

Tech Checking

This involves ensuring the accuracy of content for Test Generators and Narratives, evaluating learning objectives to make sure they are appropriately positioned and relevant, and confirming the precision, relevance of facts, names, dates, examples, and references in the text. It also ensures consistency in numbering style and proper usage of style, as well as maintaining uniformity in spelling and terminology. 


Assessment Authoring

Assessment authoring involves the creation of diverse evaluation tools, such as quizzes, tests, and exams, tailored to measure specific learning objectives and outcomes. It ensures the effectiveness and accuracy of evaluations, providing valuable insights into student comprehension and progress. 

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentation creation process involves structuring content logically, selecting appropriate visuals, and incorporating engaging elements like animations or transition. A well-crafted PowerPoint presentation serves as a powerful tool for delivering presentations, training sessions, or pitches with clarity and impact. 

Case Study Writing

Case study writing involves examining real-life situations or scenarios to illustrate specific concepts, theories, or practices within a particular field or industry.

Throughout the case study, writers must demonstrate strong problem-solving and analytical skills by thoroughly examining the issues, considering various perspectives, and developing well-supported solutions. Additionally, clear writing, logical structure, and effective communication are essential for conveying complex ideas and insights to the reader. 

Training Modules

Creating thorough training modules that equip educators with the necessary knowledge and tools to thrive in their positions, thereby facilitating impactful professional growth. 

Curriculum Development

Crafting tailored curricula that adhere to educational standards and cater to the distinct requirements of learners, establishing the groundwork for lifelong learning and achievement. 

Alt-text Authoring and Accessibility

We specialize in creating Alt-text and enhancing accessibility, fostering an inclusive digital environment for diverse audiences. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) review

Our thorough approach to content creation and evaluation guarantees inclusivity and accessibility for all learners, in accordance with WCAG and client specifications. 


Content Accuracy

We spare no effort in ensuring the accuracy and uniqueness of our content, employing stringent plagiarism checks, fact verification, and thorough citation and reference confirmation. Trustworthy information forms the cornerstone of effective learning. 


Content Project Management

We enlist seasoned project management professionals to ensure your projects not only meet but surpass your financial, scheduling, and quality objectives. Adhering closely to your guidelines and specifications, we customize our services to precisely match your needs. 

02.Editorial Services

Copy Editing

Enhancing content through detailed review and refinement of publication styles, sentence structures, formatting, and accuracy, in accordance with industry standards such as APA or the Chicago Manual of Style. 

Proof Reading

Conducting a thorough final quality check to detect any errors or inconsistencies, guaranteeing that the content is refined prior to reaching the target audience. 


Cold Reading

It involves thorough review of written material, ensuring clarity and coherence without prior familiarity. It offers an objective perspective to enhance quality before publication. 


Improving accessibility and usability via thorough indexing, encompassing name indexes, title indexes, and mixed indexes, to streamline information retrieval and navigation effectively. 


Our goal is to provide precise online fact-checking services. Our main aim is to ensure factual correctness that enhances public awareness and comprehension. We guarantee the delivery of top-tier online fact-checking services, aiding internet users and readers in discerning fake news, rumours, disinformation, promotional offers, warnings, appeals for assistance, myths, and virus alerts disseminated through email, social media, or any other online platform. 

Composition (Typesetting)

We are dedicated to providing high-quality composition services. Our composition expertise ranges from simple monographs to extremely complex reference titles, as well as highly illustrated juvenile titles, 4-color cookbooks, textbooks, professional books, technical manuals, policy group whitepapers and journals for academic and scientific publishing firms. 

Project Management

We employ experienced project management professionals to ensure your projects meet or exceed your financial, schedule, and quality goals. We comply with your guidelines and specifications, and we tailor our services to meet your requirements. We provide end-to-end and full service project management services. 

Development and upkeep of schedules  

Creating detailed workflows  

Budget planning and forecasting  

Governance calls and reviews 

Regular status updates  

Contracting and overseeing subject matter experts and other professionals  

Collaborating closely with authors and writers for manuscript development 

Assessing manuscripts to ensure compliance with revision plans and specifications  

Monitoring and overseeing a project till the final stage  

Facilitating communication among project stakeholders 

Concluding projects and providing debrief reports 

03.Design and Creatives

Design Studio

Our agency is fast-paced, fearless, and has a wild cross-blend of extensive design credentials, marketing collaterals, product branding, and digital marketing. Our team brings a critical eye and a passionate approach to everything we do. We create designs that stand out and thrive in this ever-evolving digital world, whether it is on your website, social media channels, or the next trending digital experience. 


Cover and Interior Design

Our book cover design and formatting services include unique cover art, an interior layout to match and an ebook. We keep up to date with current design trends and works with authors to create something that takes their ideas into account while producing something that will compete well in the marketplace.  

Ebook Cover 

Print Book Cover 

Interior Print Layout 

Ebook conversion  

Print book mockup image 

Image Research

Step away from the mainstream and invest in distinctive stock photos!  

These images capture the diverse reality while aligning with your specific project requirements and budget. Forward-thinking agencies, innovative brands, stylish publishers, and anyone seeking to stand out opt for royalty-free images. 

Unique Images 

Strong Selection 

Comfortable Handling 

Easy Payment 

Pay per download 

Technical art and Infographics

Our graphic designers and creative services provide high-end artwork. From complex template creation to simple vector redraws, our creative team has the experience and tools to transform ideas into assets. 

Graphic design services include original infographics, redraws, image conversions, scanning, and more. Our team brings creativity to each project with a focus on communicating pedagogic concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Creative Illustrations

Get professional illustrations for your books, presentations, print, and digital media with our illustration services. 

We are an experienced illustration service provider offering comprehensive illustration solutions to global clients. Distil complex ideas into simple, creative formats with our professional illustration services.

Character Illustration 

Medical Illustration Services 

Book Illustration Services 


04.Content AI (Artificial Intelligence)


Condense lengthy content into key points. 

Extract Keywords

Enhance searchability and navigation.

Recognize Entities

Identify people, places, and more. 

Categorize Text

Organize content effortlessly

Analyze Sentiment

Understand audience reactions.

Detect Language

Support multilingual experiences